BLDGWORKS is structured to allow it to perform as an investment firm (BLDGWORKS Capital), an architectural design firm (BLDGWORKS Studio), and a construction & design management firm (BLDGWORKS). These three entities can either work in conjunction to develop a project or a client may hire BLDGWORKS for discrete services. We utilize integrated project delivery (IPD) strategies: Organizing the team early, aligning incentives, leading the team through the proper decisions at the proper time, creating an environment conducive to collaboration and teamwork, in all of our delivery models, BLDGWORKS is organized to provide continuity between the different phases of a project so that critical information is not lost. Every time information is re-generated time is wasted, budgets increase, and risk goes up. We use advanced technology to help this continuity but there is no replacement for the institutional knowledge and relationship that a person buildings throughout a project.

Erik Churchill, Founder/Principal

Erik utilizes his background in architecture, construction, and business to challenge BLDGWORKS and individual projects to push the boundaries of design, sustainability, and traditional AEC Practice. Prior to founding BLDGWORKS, Erik was a senior project manager at SHoP Construction where he managed client communications, A&E consultants, BIM/VDC integration, and SHoP project teams. Erik specialized in managing the design process on projects that used advanced methods of construction such as pre-fabrication. As an author Erik has written on the changing roles of architects, publishing "Re-Negotiating Architects' Relevancy - A U.S. Perspective of IPD and BIM". Erik has also managed the design and build of single family homes including two of the first in the LEED-H pilot program. As a consultant he has worked with CLIF Bar on sustainable packaging initiatives, Gerding Edlen Developers in Portland, OR on financing living building challenege projects, and with Gehry Technologies in Paris on technology development. At the University of Oregon he developed the communit design-build program, DesignBridge, into a nationally recognized program. Erik received a BA from Brown University, a Master of Architecture and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Oregon.

BLDGWORKS receives top Honorable Mention for [AC-CA] Dublin Contemporary Footbridge Competition